Haiku 05/16/14 (Prompt – Elegant)

white magnolia
on evergreen leaves
pure elegance


Perhaps more to come.


Back to work 05/15/14


After a brief hiatus, I plan to be writing poetry, and perhaps other musings here on a regular, if not daily basis.  You can see three months’ worth of daily haiku here: http://smallstart2014.wordpress.com/   and my month of April with the Oulipost challenge here: http://journaloulipo2014.wordpress.com/

I wanted to start with a new blog site to mark what I hope will be a broader approach to poetry, moving beyond (although still with) haiku to other forms.  My experience with found poetry in the Oulipost challenge gave me the confidence to move forward and, by saying so publicly here, I’m taking my first small steps.

The return to haiku on 5/15:

laughter in the grass
sweet echo of summers past
granddaughters at play