For the Tuesday prompt, Margo asked us to select one of the labors assigned to Hercules and to create a poem related to that specific task. The one that spoke to me was #11. The Apples of the Hesperides. I decided to write a found poem from the information on the Hesperides contained in the website


Purest flame of fire.
golden light of sunset.
Goddesses of the evening,
The power of a song.

Light-bringing radiance.
Tree of golden apples –
source of brilliant sunsets.
Treasures of the gods.


4 thoughts on “Golden

    • Yes, ma’am, they do. This is the result of having shifted a number of times, first on the paper and then at least three times as I entered my “final” product on the blog. There are more lines, too, that lend itself to this poem. I knew about the golden apple, but not much about the Hesperides, so all the sunset imagery and the lovely-voiced nymphs was a revelation. Thanks for the challenge.

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