January 6, 2015 small stone


stone balance

On most Tuesdays, Margo Roby provides a prompt on her blog. I haven’t participated in a while, but I hope to use her prompts for my small stone project in January and maybe beyond. Today, she’s suggesting a poem about where you were when an unforgettable event occurred. I would have written about JFK’s assassination or the Challenger disaster, or even 9/11, but I decided a small stone was better suited to a smaller event.

A bathroom remodel
Another Friday morning wandering
the aisles at Lowe’s.
“A commode is just a commode, isn’t it?”
But a vanity? Something important,
or at the very least, full of self-respect.

Too many options, too many price points. And then-
What’s the cost of labor?
Who will give us advice?

The insistent ring, the fumble with the purse.

“Already? In the hospital already?’
A grandson on the way, a little

Right then, of course, no one cared what else awaited


6 thoughts on “January 6, 2015 small stone

  1. Interesting. The final stanza is quite tantalising, as it can be literal… or not. So glad to see you writing. I’m waiting for April (not that I’m not writing, but I’m rather desultory about it at the momen). I am so good that month.

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