January 10, 2015 smallstone “The Letter of the Day”


writing outdoors

Today’s prompt, simplified: Choose a letter of the alphabet. Keep a running list of words beginning with the chosen letter as you encounter them during the day. Use at least fifteen of the words in a poem about something that does not begin with the chosen letter. I thought it would be fun to choose the tenth letter of the alphabet because today is January 10. It was surprising to me how rarely the letter “J” appears in writing or day-to-day activities. Looking over my list, I decided to write about writing.

To jump into a poem means
jogging the memory, a journey
to an unexplored place
Beyond perfection, justification
and judgment
Beyond jealousy, unless as it’s said,
“Art is a jealous mistress.”

Who am I to judge, much less justify?
A Jack-of-all-trades, or better said
A Jill
with an avocation
not a job, but still
a joy.


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