January 14, 2015 smallstone A Discovery



Today’s prompt: “Write a poem where you discover something and name it.” I got a bit lost in the weeds, or more precisely, the snowbanks, on this one. However, I did learn the Greek root for snow, which is “chiono-“

The Chionoclone Effect

You spend a lifetime
believing they’re unique,
each snowflake’s arm created
in its own special place and time.

Arms closely allied
in six-fold symmetry.
Each flake differs from others
Filling the same lowering sky.

Super microscopes
allow a glimpse of truth.
A limit to uniqueness
in the glacial atmosphere.

Now we see the myth.
Pairs, threesomes, scores exist.
Crystalline clones whirl as we
look on with grief at what we’ve lost.


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