January 18, 2015 smallstone



Today’s prompt: Write about an unusual death, either real or fictional. On line, I found the story of a man who fell to his death trying to rid his balcony of a troop of rhesus monkeys.

I’m sleeping. That noise, the one that’s
penetrated all my dreams.
The murmur, growing ever more intense
Now the chattering a cacophony
outside my window, inside my dreams.

It must be stopped. My dreams demand it.
Step outside and chase the demons away.
What? My balcony overrun
with whites of eyes and teeth and
incessant insistent chatter.

A score, a hundred humanoid devils
to drive away. I swing blindly,
all ferocity and bluster. I whirl
like a dervish, suddenly airborne,
then careening down and finally


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