January 19, 2015 smallstone “Happy Birthday, EAP”



Today’s prompt mentioned Edgar Allan Poe, on the occasion of his birthday. This poem is written in the spirit of Mac Low’s A Vocabulary for Peter Innisfree Moore. However, there are 42,054 anagrams of the name “Edgar Allan Poe.”

(Poe)ticizing Poe

Parade Galleon
Galena Leopard
Alp Lore Agenda
Allegro and Ape
Gala Parole Den
Analog Pearled
Agenda All Rope
A Laden Pergola

Opal Red Galena
Ape and All Gore
Lone Gal Parade
A Pagan Eel Lord
A Palled Orange
A Paroled Angel


One thought on “January 19, 2015 smallstone “Happy Birthday, EAP”

  1. 007mc

    I really like this, Barbara. It also reminds me a bit of some of Nick Montfort’s work. Because of the reuse of the same letters, there’s a lyrical quality, a sound that repeats, increases and decreases, that grabs the attention, especially when recited aloud. Meaning – in the straightforward sense – isn’t the priority, but there’s still creation here, if I’m making any sense.

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