January 23, 2015 smallstone “Invisible Sleeping Woman”


sleeping woman

Today’s prompt: The Daily Poet provided several pathways in honor of Salvador Dalí, who died this day in 1989. I chose to use the title of one of his works as the title of my poem for today. This was my favorite prompt of the month and one that I’ll be sure to revisit later. So many images to play with here!

Invisible Sleeping Woman

“To sleep, perchance to dream…”
Where does she go when she sleeps?
Lost in her dreams, a participant
or a passive onlooker?
When she awakes from a dream,
where has she been the moment before
her awakening?
Illusive, elusive memories of someone
somewhere else.
Is it she? Or another
invisible sleeping woman?
“…ay, that’s the rub.”


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