January 29, 2015 smallstone



Today’s prompt: Write a poem in which each stanza contains no more than 140 characters. To keep with the Twitter theme, have each stanza be about a unique topic. For some reason, I found this prompt very difficult. Eventually I decided to look for events that have occurred on January 29, starting with National Puzzle Day, held on this date every year.

Crosswords, sudoku, anagrams,
jigsaws, mazes. Not just one
day, but many, many hours
in pursuit of elusive solutions.

What size is that dress? Do you ever age?
Where is Gayle today? Will you eat that cake?
Even on your birthday, Oprah,
questions abound.

Sleeping Beauty, forever the beautiful
blonde Aurora envisioned by
the animators, so alive
even in her sleep, unkissed.

Edward Lear, Sara Teasdale, Robert Frost
united in death, as in poetry.
The poems so different but
in the end, the poets the same.


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