January 31, 2015 smallstone “A Sticky Situation”



Today’s prompt: Scotch tape was invented on this day in 1930. Think of a “sticky situation” and write a poem about it.

“No room at the inn,” the young man said.
Well not in those words, exactly
but the meaning still the same.
I have the reservation, printed out
at home, right here, kept safe at hand
on the three-hour plane ride,
the four-hour drive, the Google-mapped
navigation through town.

“Our mistake,” he says, too brightly.
“No rooms here, but we’ll find
one of the same quality
a few (Google-mapped) blocks away.”

“Just a minute, though,” he added.
“I never had this happen before.”

Today is the final day for the January smallstone challenge. I think that I’ve only missed one day this month that I haven’t made up. My plan is to start the February haiku challenge with NaHaiWriMo tomorrow, at least I think that’s my plan.


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