Shut up and dance 3/31/15


Once again time for a Margo Roby Tuesday prompt, this one based on a three-minute mash-up of movie dance scenes entitled Shut Up and Dance.

Since time is of the essence on March 31, the day before the start of National Poetry Month. I’ve created a similar mash-up of words from a few of the movie titles. (And full disclosure, the word “Breakfast” occurs solely in honor of my favorite movie from the mash-up, John Hughes’s The Breakfast Club.)

Shall we dance?


Sound, scent, beauty – dynamite!

Dirty, risky, tangled reality.

Silver linings?


Shall we dance?


Speedwell 3/24/15


Margo’s Tuesday prompt: Write about a small “something” from that the past few days that has caused you to smile and to think that “all’s right with the world.”


Looking with a three year old’s eyes
to find the tiny flowers
mirroring that blue.
A sunny day miracle
after unexpected

Speedwell, Bird’s-eye, Gypsyweed,
the everyday names
for an experience
beyond the common.