Speedwell 3/24/15


Margo’s Tuesday prompt: Write about a small “something” from that the past few days that has caused you to smile and to think that “all’s right with the world.”


Looking with a three year old’s eyes
to find the tiny flowers
mirroring that blue.
A sunny day miracle
after unexpected

Speedwell, Bird’s-eye, Gypsyweed,
the everyday names
for an experience
beyond the common.


8 thoughts on “Speedwell 3/24/15

    • Gypsyweed is a winner, too. I could have written much more, I think, but I just wanted to get something down in print. It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything at all. Thanks for the perfect prompt for today.

  1. Wow – learn something new department, there is a place not far called Speedwell Forge… maybe now I know why. Lovely.

    I’m seeing things again through almost 2 and 5 year old eyes. So fun. 🙂

  2. Beautiful. Love the thought of looking through a 3-year-old’s eyes. Life needs more wonder, and more play. Also LOVE the name “GypsyWeed.” I think I might BE one. 😉

    • I just went to your site, and noticed for the first time that your toes seem to be pointed at Cannon Beach. (Or someplace that looks a lot like Cannon Beach.) This is what focusing on small things is all about. Do you think your snail might ever visit the Gypsyweed?

      • Yes, ma’am. That’s Cannon Beach all right, one of our favorite places on the planet. My feet are up on the rail of the balcony of the Stephanie Inn Carriage House in that shot, for our 10th anniversary. We have since gone back for our 12th, and last year, our 16th. We absolutely love it there.

        Our snails are a funny story. My son (an avid animal lover) was given two snails by a friend, in the 3rd or 4th grade. We live in the desert (Southern Nevada), so they are somewhat rare, mostly found in apartment complex gardens, etc. He kept them in his room in a habitat, and one day there were dozens and dozens of baby snails all over the cage. He “kept” snails for several years, then forgot about them for awhile, and thought they were all dead, and threw them in one of our planters in the back yard. The next spring, lo and behold, tons of snails. My boy’s in 7th grade now, still loves all animals, but these are MY snails now. 😉 He’s moved on to scorpions.

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