Shut up and dance 3/31/15


Once again time for a Margo Roby Tuesday prompt, this one based on a three-minute mash-up of movie dance scenes entitled Shut Up and Dance.

Since time is of the essence on March 31, the day before the start of National Poetry Month. I’ve created a similar mash-up of words from a few of the movie titles. (And full disclosure, the word “Breakfast” occurs solely in honor of my favorite movie from the mash-up, John Hughes’s The Breakfast Club.)

Shall we dance?


Sound, scent, beauty – dynamite!

Dirty, risky, tangled reality.

Silver linings?


Shall we dance?


11 thoughts on “Shut up and dance 3/31/15

  1. I didn’t consider that for this year until it was too late. I don’t think I can do both, but I did love their preview prompt with the Bernadette Mayer poem this AM. Maybe I’ll switch it up next year and join you. Link us to whatever you are up to, okay?

  2. 007mc

    Barbara, it really *moves* between the bookends – definitely not a waltz, more like a Ko-Ko or a bebop. Which, yes, you know I like a lot.

    The one thing I’m thinking about is the use of the period in such a tangle of question marks and exclamation points…it made me stop there and pause, and return back to that line.

    You are (pre-) starting the month on an energetic note. Fab.

    • Ha – I did not notice that. What I wanted was a broad space between “tangled” and “reality” to create that pause, but I was unable to format it for some reason, despite several tries. Maybe that end stop is enough. BTW, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. 007mc

    Hmmm. That spacing would be interesting, Barbara, because it implies a step, or a leap. I like the idea of that a lot.

    And thanks for the invitation.

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