The prompt from the Found Poetry Review, May 16, 2015 was to “ select words and phrases from any graduation speech and write a poem repurposing your found language.”


sum of all knowledge
unspoken truths

the last word — not
even the point

past all the evidence,
the extravagant excesses

burnt-toast breakfasts
a handful of rice

scar tissue, questions,
rules, reserves, rage

sleeping in the shade
of your future
(Source text: Barbara Kingsolver. 2008 Commencement Address, Duke University in Durham, NC)


4 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. I can’t remember my own, and the last graduation speech I heard was when I watched a bunch of Firefighters graduate… And unfortunately the ‘guest’ speaker spoke more about himself than those graduating.

    I like your verse a condensed version of perhaps what all graduation speeches should be.

    Thanks for visiting ‘Who Said You Can’t Go Home Again’… I always like playing with Dorothy and Alice too.

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