Drowsy Memories


This poem is in response to a prompt at Pink. Girl. Ink. posted by Stacy Lynn Mar.

“This is another guided poem. You simply read the rules and follow them. Once you complete them all, you should have a rather interesting little poem about Summer!”

While fireflies rise in the
warm summer evening, we
focus on distant lightning and
home-made lemonade.

In gathering darkness, a
whisper of wings overhead
insistent, recurrent
a steady flight path through unseen clouds
as bats join us in the soiree.

Drowsy memories of afternoon
breezes rustling the daylilies —
hemerocallis — daytime beauties,
each blossom lasting only
a single day, dying
with the transition from cerulean
to cobalt to inky blue-black.


3 thoughts on “Drowsy Memories

  1. what a lovely, summery write!

    i felt like i was there…drinking the lemonade, watching the darkness gather, and reflecting on a a day well-spent.

    thanks so much for writing with me this week!

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