Moon Amused


It was the moon who laughed and laughed.
Soundlessly, mirthlessly
Alone in silent reflection.

To the moon, all is
laughable, ridiculous
as the pretentious little stars
far away in the indigo night.

Yet she suspects that her own
magnificence is but
a simulation of their inner fire.

It is the moon who laughs and laughs.
This poem was written in response to a prompt from Miz Quickly who asked us to select a line from another poet’s work and use it as the first line in a poem of our own.

The first line of this poem is from Who by Wendy Videlock.


Drawing and Re-Drawing


For your consideration:
a chest of drawers

an outstretched hand,
the opening, the closing

full and empty
sterile, yet abundant

This poem is written in response to the image posted by Margo Roby in her “Poem Tryouts” for July 21, 2015.




rotten tomatoes
regal cinemas
belcanto audio
bel canto book

Philadelphia news anchor killed in Valley Forge crash

omar benson miller
beneficial aspects of houseflies
boston fern

meaning of prayer flags
bats in pennsylvania
book of kells

May your winning streak never end.

keanu reeves
composer sentimental journey
sous le pont mirabeau
Just for fun: a poetic sample of my iPhone Google searches, in order with minimal editing. Sample taken on 7/13/15. Poetry is where you find it, in the eyes of the beholder — or the Googler.




emerald lake, icy brook,
alpine sunflowers
when I wander off the path
a sense of freedom

rain, thunder, lightning, hail
celebrate with nature as
we conquer the wind

shadows at sunrise
surreal, spooky in the mist
I felt like I was

Sources: Selected phrases from the Twitter feed #rmnp (Rocky Mountain National Park) form 7/7/15 to 7/17/15.  Personal photo of the park.

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