Worry Defined


Today’s prompt from Miz Quickly: Choose an abstract word and write a poem about it without naming it directly or defining it. This poem is a reworking of a similar prompt from late January in which I was to write about an abstract word using concrete images.

Her eyes on the wall clock, the
second hand sweeps the face so slowly.
Her hand in her purse, searching out
the cell phone to recheck the time.

The purse now so disordered
that it cries out to be cleaned.
Odd receipts, used Kleenex, stray
mints, empty packs of gum.
Consolidate, organize, discard,
and still
the seconds creep along.
Now a game of Candy Crush,
her concentration broken
by random thoughts, specific fears.

Looking up, she shivers
to see the doctor approach.


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