The Edit


Un Chien Andalou
Eye of a woman
held open wide,
strong fingers on the lid
and the cheekbone beneath.
A razor in the
right hand so close
to her passive face.
Cut to the moon.
This poem was written for Margo Roby’s prompt that we think of a movie scene so distasteful or upsetting that it has kept us from wanting to see the film again. In this case, I am referring to a still photo from Luis Buñel’s early film Un Chien Andalou that is so disturbing to me that I would never want to see it in action. Ever. In reading about this movie, I have learned that this image is immediately followed by one of a thin cloud slicing across the full moon, but I don’t think I’d still be watching the film by then. I will not post a picture to accompany this poem, but will post a link for those who might want to take a look.


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