At the center, the breath
my breath, our breath,
God’s breath.

In, out, steady, studied,
unnoticed, never forgotten
in continuous being.

In, out, exchanging
atoms with the universe.
Stardust personified.

This poem was written for the first day of a month-long series of poetry prompts from Miz Quickly. Today she asked us to create a frame of reference as a starting point for the month. I’ve just finished a 31 Day course in Mindfulness, hence my current cosmic center.


5 thoughts on “Universal

      • I just remember from either High School or College that the molecules from Caesars supposed last breaths of “Et Tu Brutus” are still floating about.

        Yes, breath un-noticed… I thought you might have meant you 🙂
        Sometimes in family dynamics there is one member who is less noticed than others… and that’s my middle ground at the moment. But breath in and out – and keep a paper and pen handy 😉

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