Skipping stones, skipping breakfast,
Stoned at break of day.
Stone-faced and alone, watching
the sun rise and set.

Eating from ironstone dishes,
Fine stoneware, resistant to chips.
Heart of stone, unbroken, unmoved, unchipped.
Leaving stones unturned and why?

A decision cast in stone, to cast a
stone, but not in a glass
house of my own making, a
stepping stone to somewhere
else/elsewhere, my where
a stone’s throw away.

This was written in response to Miz Quickly’s Day Seven challenge in which we were to select several words and just keep writing to see where we were led. “Stone” is the word that struck me and stuck.


4 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. This is fun too. The American language is such fun when the same word/words has/have so many implications. And as poets we get to keep our wits sharp by the grind of milling words.

    Thanks for stopping by my piece on the prompt 🙂

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