Talk about tangential!
Right there, adjacent to
the definition, a reference.
[Washington Times, October 16, 2015.]
“They were recently seen in
Columbia County northwest of Portland
and also near Tangent and Sweet Home.”
One could live in Portland, a port,
refuge in any storm, and living in
Sweet Home sounds almost like
Heaven itself, but living in
Tangent? Or even paying a visit,
making brief contact before
proceeding on the way?
There’s no appeal in that.
That woman, though, the one
passing through, in Tangent pursuing
her own path? Her name’s Malarkey, no lie,
at least about the name. The baby?
That’s a story for another day.
Talk about tangential, even though
we know it’s the truth.
This is in response to Miz Quickly’s Day Eight challenge. Please go there to take a look at her instructions because I think I got pretty tangential in this poem here. 🙂


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