Simple Gifts






“’Tis the gift to be simple.”
Then why do we choose and admire
other gifts — adorned, elaborate,
embellished, complicated,
complex, challenging, difficult?
We swaddle them in beautifully
crafted wrappings with fancy bows,
all to be torn and discarded.

Why do we forget this simple truth?
What if we learned to wrap one
another in our loving presence
and simply be present together?
This was written for Miz Quickly’s Day Twenty-Seven prompt, a poem about shopping for gifts on Black Friday.


2 thoughts on “Simple Gifts

  1. If we only had the ‘presence’ of mind to do so more often than not.

    Thanks for your visit to my post on the prompt. My Mom passed before I was 2.5. I am thankful for the relatives who saved the journal for me. 🙂 Not much was said after her passing. It was like she hadn’t existed. But since my face resembles hers… I’d like to think I get to ‘see’ her everyday.

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