Impromptu #6 Sonnet in a Modern Key


Today’s Found Poetry Review Impromptu Prompt from Noah Eli Gordon was actually a series of prompts, most of which I found impossibly complicated or simply undoable.  However, the idea of a modern sonnet was appealing, given the following instructions:

Write a sonnet in the modern key:

Line 1: narrate action, include at least two nouns
Line 2: ask a question without using “I”
Line 3: make a statement without saying “I”
Line 4: now say “I” in another statement
Line 5: use a fragment
Line 6: narrate another action, include one of the nouns from line 1
Line 7: ask a question using “I”
Line 8: use a fragment that
Line 9: spills into the next line
Line 10: now say “I” and include the other noun from line 1
Line 11: answer your first question
Line 12: make a statement that is in total opposition to line 3
Line 13: combine phrases from lines 5 and 8 here
Line 14: answer your second question

In the spirit of found poetry, I decided to use vocabulary from a theater review in today’s New York Times;  Brantley, Ben “Middle-Aged Mortals Squinting at the Abyss,” New York Times, 04/06/16, p. C2.
Middle-aged mortals squint at the abyss.
When does dis-ease overtake our days?
Let’s sing the fragmented melody of the moment.
I’ll bury the past in bits and pieces.
Life interred in suburban somnolence
The abyss looms largest at four AM.
When I squint can you still see me?
From dream-laced moments of darkness
to frigid insomniac nights
I join with mortals in sleepless stasis.
Dis-ease confronts us with the sunrise
We’ll no longer sing; our melodies muted.
Interred once more in dream-laced darkness.
Squinting, I feel myself disappear.



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