Impromptu #10 Uncovering Reality


Today’s Impromptu prompt was from Kristina Marie Darling:

First, choose a text by another writer. This can be anything from a Victorian novel to a field guide, an epic poem, a Shakespeare play, or a computer manual. Read through it carefully and consider the following question: What has been buried in so much other language? Then, by removing portions of the source text, your task will be to excavate what has been obscured by narrative, exposition, rhetoric, etc. There are many possibilities for excavating pieces of language from a text. You may choose to bring to light beauty, violence, a particular image that appears and reappears, or anything else that risks being lost.

My text, published through the Gutenberg Project, is from the Preface to The First Six Books of the Elements of Euclid by John Casey and Euclid, 1885.



a want much felt
at the present day
a necessity to understand
reality, considerably altered,
thoroughly revised
and greatly enlarged


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