make me the monarch morphed from suffering” from Mai Der Vang’s Afterland

ova, larva, pupa (enigma?), imago
egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly (monarch)

Tiny buds of monarch body,
emerge in the caterpillar soup of the chrysalis,
its smooth green shell hiding drama within.

The slow dissolve of obsolete life without
sure knowledge of the flight yet to come.
Suffering the presence of alien life for a chance
at immortality.

This sprang from all three of my prompt sites today, the “free writing” suggestions at Apiary Lit, the “beginning” or “ending” prompt at Poetic Asides, and the use of the word “enigma” at NaPoWriMo 2017. I am particularly taken with the phrase “caterpillar soup,” which scientists use to describe what happens to the body and organs of the caterpillar within the chrysalis, providing nourishment to the cells of the butterfly within.


4 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

  1. I really like this. Especially the third stanza. “The slow dissolve of obsolete” All those Os! It’s very rich. Soupy in a good sense.

    When you re-write, think about the word “life” there. (You have it again a couple of lines down.) Maybe replace it with a multi-syllabic like “existence.”

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