In Substance


Each life, a single note
a small vibration in brief
disturbance of the force.

A blip of energy travels
through the substantial
world on its way to
insubstance — and


This poem was written in response to Apiary Lit’s April 18 prompt on metaphor, as well as Poetic Asides prompt to write a poem about either life or death (or maybe both here.) NaPoWriMo’s prompt suggested coming up with a neologism, which “insubstance” is, believe it or not. I’m using it as the noun form of insubstantial.




3 thoughts on “In Substance

  1. Very Sci Fi…
    Made me think of when the Transporter is use and well one just never does know if they’ll come out whole on the other side…
    (went looking via my mail for your place and got to your old site…but also stopped at your new place…)

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